Elevate your leadership

A new set of skills is required as you move from individual contributor to effective leader and influencer. 

From communicating with others, finding your leadership voice, and gaining an understanding of opportunities to enhance your strengths, we identify ways to increase your effectiveness at your organization.

Packages include one-on-one coaching, personal assessments, and 360 feedback to meet your needs. 

The 3-session Quick-Engage package hones in on emotional intelligence skills and includes the EQ-i2.0 assessment.


Kathy Lester works alongside leaders seeking deeper levels of fulfillment, impact, and contribution. She focuses on strengthening emotional intelligence skills through exploring values, strengths, roles, and priorities, and identifying actions.

With 25+ years of professional services and manufacturing industry experience, she supports leaders in building strong relationship skills to positively impact organizational goals.

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Kathy is an outstanding listener who has the natural ability to put people at ease with her calm demeanor. She knows how to bring out the best in people which makes her an exceptional coach. Kathy is able to relate to individuals at all levels and enjoys connecting people to experience new insights together. I highly recommend Kathy!

Jacquie, Business Owner

My confidence was good with my leadership abilities with my teams, but I had no confidence around my peers and wasn’t speaking up in meetings, which left me feeling frustrated. Through coaching with Kathy, we explored what was holding me back and I tried some new practices that improved my executive presence and boosted my confidence. I began speaking up at meetings and engaging in relationship building.

Becky, Healthcare Executive

As a law firm partner, I was struggling to hit my stride. I recently went through a divorce and realized private practice was not the fit I envisioned. Kathy helped me gain clarity on what I most liked about practicing law and what no longer served me. I decided an inside counsel position was a better fit. 

Jennifer, In-house Legal Counsel

Ready to release your roar?

Over-thinking leads to more of the same – staying stuck. I invite you to  schedule a call, to take the first step to bring forth your leadership voice and all of the talented goodness you have to offer.